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Baccarat Features

A Layout for Every Player

Baccarat has never looked more stunning than it does on the pin-sharp HD graphics of the Billboard Display System. With Angel Eye and Bee-tek card shoe compatibility, as well as manual entry using the enhanced TD3 Keypad, a Cammegh Billboard provides a beautiful, highly functional display for any baccarat or punto banco table.

Billboards can hold up to 100 separate screen layouts, each with a different set of pay tables, a different colour scheme or an entirely different arrangement of the baccarat roads to suit even the most discerning of players.


Maximum Connectivity

Cammegh’s baccarat displays integrate seamlessly into any casino ecosystem. For the simplest of set-ups, the number keypad provided with each display can be used to add and remove game results. Where maximum connectivity is required, the Billboard’s advanaced networking features and open data protocol make it easy to connect 3rd party systems.

  • Connects to Angel, Bee-tek and Scientific Games electronic card shoes
  • Integration with other card shoes available on demand
  • Manual entry via standard keypad or enhanced TD3
  • Remote game logging and data capture
  • Live data export for 3rd party systems

Trend Display

Player and Banker trends can be highlighted as they occur, adding excitement at the table and drawing in new players. In the example shown, a growing run of Banker results causes the background and LED side strips to change colour.

As with all on-screen graphics, trend animations can be customised to suit any requirement. The number of matching results required to trigger a trend can be changed via the on-screen user menu.


EZ Baccarat

With over 800 tables in 150+ casinos across North America, EZ Baccarat is the #1 baccarat brand in the USA and Canada.

EZ Baccarat, a streamlined gameplay with exciting new side bets, makes it America’s and Canada’s number one baccarat brand and perfect for players and operators alike. By eliminating the unpopular 5% commission on Banker and pushing three-card Banker wins that total seven, EZ Baccarat speeds up the game for a significant productivity boost.

The popular Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets are won respectively on a three-card Banker totaling 7 (Dragon 7, pays 40 to 1) and a three-card Player hand totaling 8 (Panda 8, pays 25 to 1).

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