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Blackjack results and statistics can be entered manually through the Billboard’s numeric keypad. Result animations, statistics and a history stack can be incorporated for the dealer’s hand.

Graphics and animations can be fully customised and pay table values can be loaded as presets for easy switching via the on-screen user menu.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo comes to life on a Cammegh Billboard through rich animations and comprehensive statistics. Dice values are entered using the number keypad, which animates the onscreen pay table to stylishly highlight winning bets.

Statistics for ‘Big’, ‘Small’ and ‘Triple’ results can be added, along with a comprehensive results stack and customised dice animations.

Other Games

Cammegh’s Billboard software is entirely modular, meaning any combination of elements is possible. This flexibility allows screen layouts to be produced for any game, no matter how obscure. Thanks to the Billboard’s powerful pay table functionality, text, images and colour changes can be changed on the fly by switching from one set of limits to another.

Other features of the Billboard software that can be used to create custom game layouts include:

  • Videos (local or streamed)
  • Images (static or animated)
  • Text (scrolling or static)

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