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Wheel Levels

The Cammegh wheel level has an elegant two-piece design for exceptional reliability. A magnetic contactless hinge limits movement to a lateral plane, giving far greater accuracy. By contrast, devices that employ a mechanical hinge are compromised by engineering tolerances (that increase over time), leading to measuring errors.

Cammegh’s wheel level is also compatible with all tested non-Cammegh manufactured roulette wheels.


Roulette Balls & Dollies

High quality roulette balls in Ivorine and Teflon, with 18mm and 21mm sizes available.

Win markers (“dollies”) are available in the shape of a miniature Cammegh turret with various finishes.

TD3 Keypads

The TD3 Keypad provides quick access to a number of Baccarat and Roulette functions, such as results entry, table limits and open/closed status.

LED back lighting glows red or blue when a Baccarat result is entered for ease of dealer confirmation.


For further information

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