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About Cammegh

Cammegh are a team of 30, including craftsmen and experts from the cutting edge of technology. We create bespoke, precision-engineered products for casinos worldwide, without forgetting our roots as a British, family-run company.

Every Cammegh wheel is made in the company’s workshop in Bethersden, Kent, with the vast majority of components either designed and made on-site or sourced from local businesses. This allows a level of control over the finished product that is unparalleled in the industry.

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“For our refurbishment at Crockfords, we only considered partners who shared our passion for the highest possible combination of form and function.”

Crockfords Casino, London

“Cammegh are and will remain our first choice for wheels. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail and ability to work with lead times is excellent.”

Sky City, Adelaide

Why Cammegh?

Cammegh believe the production of roulette wheels and table displays relies not only on the finest of engineering, but also a respect for the sensitivity of individual customer needs. We have always challenged the idea that one size fits all, and instead take pride in tailoring each and every product for its owner.

Cammegh invest in continual research and development, applying our intimate knowledge of the roulette wheel to drive innovation and achieve the highest standard of engineering excellence, whilst maintaining our passion for providing a truly bespoke product.

This duality in our company philosophy has earned Cammegh an enviable reputation for producing the world’s leading manual and automatic roulette wheels, as upheld by our valued customers the world over.