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PitBoss HQ

PitBoss HQ provides a convenient browser-based interface for wheel and table productivity analysis over a local or wide area network. Working in conjunction with the Cammegh Billboard Display System, PitBoss securely feeds comprehensive game and table activity data into a database for analysis and reporting via the PitBoss HQ web app.

Wheel speed and rotor direction are logged alongside drop, float, dealer ID and winning number, with options to export data so it can be used in 3rd party systems. Wheels can be tracked by serial number, to accommodate their relocation around the gaming floor, while the distribution of their rotor speeds and winning numbers can be displayed graphically within the PitBoss HQ web app. Thanks to its web-based architecture, when used over a wide area network, PitBoss allows the integration of multiple casinos.


Wheel Manager

Cammegh’s Wheel Manager software for Windows provides a simple tool to unlock the full power of the Mercury 360 roulette wheel.

With Wheel Manager running on a service laptop or management PC, access is granted to the comprehensive game logs stored within the wheel’s secure memory. Aspects of each game – such as rotor integrity, wheel level, erroneous ball and rotor speeds, game interruptions and unexpected ball drops – can all be exported for printing, or viewed directly within the software, which employs a simple traffic light display to denote status.

Using a serial cable, service personnel can quickly connect to a wheel and diagnose faults or perform calibration procedures by following the on-screen instructions. Networked wheels can be connected to remotely for real-time status reporting.

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