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EZ Baccarat


With over 800 tables in 150+ casinos across North America, EZ Baccarat is the #1 baccarat brand in the USA and Canada.

EZ Baccarat, a streamlined gameplay with exciting new side bets, makes it America’s and Canada’s number one baccarat brand and perfect for players and operators alike. By eliminating the unpopular 5% commission on Banker and pushing three-card Banker wins that total seven, EZ Baccarat speeds up the game for a significant productivity boost.

The popular Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets are won respectively on a three-card Banker totaling 7 (Dragon 7, pays 40 to 1) and a three-card Player hand totaling 8 (Panda 8, pays 25 to 1).

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