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Two Winning Numbers

Cammegh’s DoubleShot side bet makes elegant use of Bonus Numbers to add a second roulette number to the game. The inclusion of this second number, generated without the need for a custom roulette wheel, allows players to bet on number matches at odds of 1200, 600 and 300 to 1, at an increased house edge.

High odds and a familiar, roulette-centric design make DoubleShot an exciting, yet respectful addition to the traditional game.


Straight Up, Split & Corner

With the inclusion of a secondary betting area on the dealer’s side of the roulette layout and a slot reel animation on the Billboard Display, DoubleShot makes an unobtrusive and highly intuitive addition to the table.

Bets can be placed on the DoubleShot grid in the standard ‘straight up’, ‘split’ and ‘corner’ positions and whenever the Billboard’s ‘slot reel’ matches the winning roulette number, players with DoubleShot bets covering that number win at the corresponding odds.

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