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Lucky Symbols

Easy to Play & Customise

Lucky Symbols is a simple, yet captivating, side bet for roulette that boasts an extraordinary scope for customisation. Bet spots are added to the roulette layout (each containing a bespoke Lucky Symbol) and a slot reel animation on the Billboard Display selects one symbol per game. Players that have placed bets on the winning symbol are paid at the corresponding odds.

The side bet is powered by Cammegh’s GLI-approved Bonus Numbers feature for the Mercury 360, whose flexibility allows symbol odds and house edges to be fine-tuned to a wide range of values.

With its potential for large payouts at an increased house edge, Lucky Symbols makes a valuable addition to the gaming floor.


Any Symbol, Any Odds

Cammegh’s odds configurator for Lucky Symbols allows symbol odds and house edges to be fine-tuned for thrill seekers and conservative players alike. The Mercury 360’s Bonus Numbers feature provides 65,000 quanta that can be freely assigned to the seven symbols, allowing a high degree of precision when calibrating the perfect set of odds.

Custom symbol sets further personalise the side bet to make Lucky Symbols a truly unique player experience wherever it is operated.

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