Friday 24th January 2020

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Spread-Bet Roulette brings high odds and payouts to roulette in a transparent and exciting fashion.

Two concentric roulette number rings appear on-screen, spinning in opposing directions. At 'No More Bets', both rings stop dead, putting their numbers into a random alignment. The game then continues as usual until the ball drops, at which point the winning number, indexed by the outer ring, is added to the aligning number on the inner ring. The sum of these two numbers is the game's Spread-Bet result. Any bets covering the range in which the Spread-Bet number falls are paid out at the specified odds.

The beauty of Spread-Bet Roulette is in its openness. As with the traditional game, results come directly from the mechanics of the wheel itself: no algorithms or random number generators are involved. This transparency, coupled with the dramatic look of the side-bet and its increased odds and house edges, makes Spread-Bet Roulette perfect for thrill-seekers and roulette purists alike.

Spread-Bets can be placed in addition to, or independent of, the traditional game.

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