Friday 24th January 2020

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The Billboard Display System complements any roulette table by displaying results, statistics and promotional material in pin-sharp high definition. Game data can be obtained automatically from any Cammegh roulette wheel or read from a 3rd party wheel via the EyeBall system. For manual entry, the Billboard’s supplied numeric keypad or the enhanced TD3 Keypad can be used to add and remove game results, as well as provide access to many other features.

Roulette displays

Cammegh Billboard Displays have always raised the bar with respect to the features and quality a roulette display should offer. Each Billboard offers a blank canvas and a wealth of configurable elements with which to fill it. Each Billboard can hold up to 100 separate screen layouts, so there is room for experimentation.

Roulette works with:
All Cammegh Wheels
via In-Rim sensors or EyeBall
3rd Party Wheels
via or EyeBall
Manual Input
via TD3 Keypad
Manual Input
via standard keypad
Popular Roulette Features
  • Up to 99 quick-access Pay Tables
  • Live video via direct capture or UDP stream
  • Chip Tree with quick-access to values and sorting
  • Customised 3D animations
  • Various statistics, including Hot/Cool Numbers
  • Multiboard for displaying results from multiple tables
  • Productivity timer to optimise the gaming floor

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