Friday 24th January 2020

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Baccarat has never looked more stunning than it does on the pin-sharp HD graphics of the Billboard Display System. With Angel Eye and Bee-Tek card shoe compatibility, as well as EyeCard integration and manual entry using the enhanced TD3 Keypad, a Cammegh Billboard provides a beautiful, highly functional display for any Baccarat or Punto Banco table.

Punto Banco Display
One Game, Two Styles

Baccarat can be displayed in either the traditional Chinese style, with the standard roads and predictor, or in the European Punto Banco style, with result tracks for Punto, Banco and Egalité.

Baccarat works with:
Card Shoes
Angel Eye or Bee-Tek
Jumbo Index Cards
via EyeCard
TD3 Keypad
Enhanced manual entry
Number Keypad
Basic manual entry
Popular Baccarat Features
  • European Punto Banco or Chinese Baccarat display styles
  • Card display (when used with a card shoe or EyeCard)
  • Up to 99 quick-access Pay Tables
  • Trend notifications
  • Pin-sharp HD graphics
  • Live video via direct capture or UDP stream
  • Multiboard for displaying results from multiple tables
  • Customised 3D animations

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