Saturday 22nd February 2020

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The Mercury 360 is the newest addition to Cammegh's globally trusted Mercury Series of discrete in-rim sensor roulette wheels.

Using the same tried and trusted materials, production and finishes as the Mercury 2 wheel, including the Garnite racetrack and custom veneer options, Cammegh have developed the Mercury 360 with 4 in-rim sensors for unrivalled instant and secure winning number recognition.

Key to the main features listed below, is the development of the Mercury 360 game engine, a security-focused platform constantly monitoring rotor status, wheel level and ball characteristics throughout game play. When combined with Cammegh's Wheel Manager Application for Mercury 360, the game event log can be exported via the Ethernet port of the supplied B.O.B communications hub to a PC or network for data analysis and diagnostics.

Mercury 360 Features

  • 4 totally discreet In-Rim sensors
    For secure and rapid number recognition
  • Mercury 360 Game Engine
    Customisable for the individual's optimum security and gaming requirements
  • Cammegh Wheel Manager Application
    Providing user-friendly time-stamped event log analysis, setup and support
  • Integrated precision electronic level sensor
    For constant status monitoring
  • Option of Cammegh Bonus RNG
    Multiple random number generation for additional side bet gaming
  • Cammegh B.O.B. Communications Hub
    Featuring ethernet port and 3 serial ports for enhanced 3rd party communication,
    slocal area networking and remote analysis
  • Mercury 2 compatibility
    For seamless integration with approved 3rd party devices

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