Saturday 22nd February 2020

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PitBoss Td Keypad™

The TD3 Keypad is a highly durable multi-game input device for use with the Billboard Display System. It provides quick access to popular software features and enhanced results entry for Baccarat, Punto Banco and Roulette.

LED backlighting provides visual feedback to increase dealer effciency and the keys are printed with a UV-cured acrylic ink for industrial-grade protection against wear and tear.

Illumination on results entry

The TD3 Keypad includes LED back-lighting that can be configured to light up in red or blue when a Player or Banker result is entered (Baccarat only). Additionally, the device can be configured to highlight keys with a brief flash as they are pressed.

Last 3 results & max bet entry
Enhanced results entry
for Baccarat
Keypad menu
Enhanced results entry
for Roulette
Last 3 results & add result
Quick-access to
menu functions
Drop value entry
Quick-access to
table limits

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