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PitBoss Td Keypad™

The PitBoss Td Keypad™ is designed for use on a live table by the table dealer. It is available with either a USB or ethernet output.

The latter configuration has its own IP address and when linked to PitBoss HQ™ can be used on all live gaming tables as a means to record Drop and Float values, even without being connected to a Billboard display.

When used in conjunction with the Roulette Billboard Display System the PitBoss Td Keypad™ enables and or shows the following:

  • Speed & direction of rotor
  • The last three winning numbers
  • Dealer name entry
  • Min/max bet entry
  • New result input
  • Reset statistics
  • Drop value entry
  • Float value entry
  • EyeBall™ calibration (if applicable)
  • Access to main Billboard menu
Last 3 results & max bet entry
Last 3 results & max
bet entry
Keypad menu
Keypad menu
Last 3 results & add result
Last 3 results &
add result
Drop value entry
Drop value entry

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