Thursday 30th March 2017

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The World's Finest Displays

Cammegh's Billboard Display system is a user friendly, stand alone or networkable LCD roulette display system integrating seamlessly with either the Cammegh Mercury 360, AR1, Slingshot 2 or the Cammegh EyeBall. When used in conjunction with PitBoss HQ, Cammegh's Wheel Analysis System, the Billboard will gather a wide range of management and security information.

Image © Cammegh Limited

The Billboard Display features 24" and 32" super high definition 1920 x 1200 LCD screens which can be freely modified between single and double sided configurations as gaming floor layouts are changed.
The stunning high resolution screen graphics can be customised to suit any casino branding decor and logo design whilst the animation can be updated to promote casino events and promotions.

Billboard™ Display System Features

  • Winning Number stack
  • Current trend statistics
  • Hot and Cold numbers
  • Odd and Even numbers
  • Custom scrolling text
  • Stand-alone or networkable
  • Optional TV and live video
  • Optional bespoke graphics
  • Optional game status audio
  • Keypad for updating table details
  • Compatible with PitBoss Ti™ for
    • dealer name entry
    • drop entry
    • float entry
    • Bet Calculator
  • Billboard display stand suitable for:
    • single or double sided displays
    • landscape or portrait formats
  • User friendly operator menu
  • Optional dealer change bar

Billboard™ Options

Single sided, front view
Single sided, side view
Single sided, rear view
Billboard™ Display Configuration Options
  • Interchangeable Single or Double sided display design
  • 24" or 32" 1920 x 1200 HD LCD display panel (portrait or landscape)
  • Ambi-Glow™ LED lights switchable between red, blue and green
  • EyeBall™ mounting location and cable management
Double sided, front view
Double sided, side view
Double sided, another front view

Ambi-Glow™ is the name given to the Billboard's rear-mounted LED lighting system which can be set to red, green or blue. This lends a subtle ambient glow, enhancing the gaming floor environment and further enriching the Billboard Display to attract and engage players.

Size and Orientation

The Cammegh Billboard™ Display comes in different sizes and orientations. Below, from left to right, are shown the 24" portrait, 32" portrait and 24" landscape options.

Billboard™ Display sizes and orientations

Graphic Layout

The graphic layout on each Cammegh Billboard™ Display can be heavily customised to suit almost any requirement. Promotional graphics, live video and custom animations all available to arrange as required, along with many other options.

"Cammegh's reputation for integrity, quality and service is renowned within the industry. When we chose Cammegh roulette wheels for the Grand Casino, Helsinki, even our highest expectations were exceeded. Cammegh are a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them or their products."

Heikki Rinta-Panttila
General Manager, Grand Casino Helsinki

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