Saturday 22nd February 2020

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Pair with a roulette wheel for the ultimate experience

Cammegh's Billboard Display system integrates seamlessly with other Cammegh and 3rd party products to show game results, capture productivity data and display promotional material throughout the casino.

Billboard's HD displays bring table games to life with pin-sharp clarity, while networking features allow for multiple table results on one display, reception of live video streams and the exporting of live game data.

Image © Cammegh Limited

The highly flexible front-end software allows a single Billboard to host multiple games, each with fully customisable screen layouts rather than generic presets. This flexibility, along with the system's ever-growing li;st of features, makes Billboard a highly versatile tool to enhance and optimise the gaming floor.

Popular Billboard Features

  • Results Display
  • Custom statistics
  • Multiple games on one unit
  • Game logging
  • Live data export
  • 3rd party integration
  • Advertising
  • Live video capture and TV streaming
  • Compatible with PitBoss Ti for
    • Results analysis
    • Drop and float entry
    • Bet Calculator

Display Options

Display sizes 23", 27" and 32"
Size, Orientation & Finish
  • Single or Double-Sided (same size for both)
  • 23", 27" and 32"
  • Portrait and landscape
  • Range of finishes, including
    • Textured black
    • Gloss black
    • Matte gold
    • Others available on demand
Single sided, front view
Single sided, side view
Single sided, rear view
LED Strips

The Billboard Display's LED variant adds coloured strips for decoration or to denote table limits. The strips can be configured to glow with a solid colour or smooth colour cycles.

When linked to the Billboard's pay table system, LED strips change colour automatically when the table limits are changed.

Graphic Layout

Each Billboard can host up to 99 screen layouts, with a wealth of configuration options available. Promotional graphics, live video and custom animations all available to arrange as required, along with many other options.

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