Friday 24th January 2020

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Bespoke Wheels are a speciality of Cammegh. As casinos create ever more exciting and individual environments for their players to enjoy, we are increasingly asked to capture and enhance the atmosphere in the design of our wheels. To achieve this all our design resources are concentrated into first understanding exactly what our customer wishes to create, then by a process of careful design selection we obtain final approval from the customer.
Together with the stunning animation provided by our Billboard LCD display, a themed wheel can add to the dramatic splendour of any casino.

Bespoke Wheels

Wheel shown is a Cammegh Mercury 360, featuring a hand-painted design on the cone, rim and ball track, a gold-plated turret and ball stops, custom number sequence and gold-annodised scalloped separators.

Bespoke Wheels Bespoke Wheels Bespoke Wheels Bespoke Wheels

Themed turrets, domes and finishes

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