Friday 24th January 2020

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The Cammegh AR1 is the ultimate in manual roulette wheel design. Drawing on 19 years’ dedicated experience within the gaming industry, combined with more than 50 years of precision engineering the AR1 is the outstanding manual roulette wheel available anywhere in the world.
The AR1 shares the same sensor technology as the Mercury 360, but benefits from an all aluminium chassis and therefore is inert to environmental changes. From extensive evaluation, man made materials have been selected which allows all playing surfaces to be precision engineered.

While optional throughout the rest of the Cammegh range, the AR1 utilises low profile double radius separator ring frets as standard. This feature provides the ultimate deterrent to late betting, section betting and advantage players while retaining a traditional appearance.


Wheel shown features Carbon Fibre finish and optional polished aluminium collonade

"When replacing our incumbent roulette wheels we made no hesitation in choosing Cammegh. Their excellent reputation for quality and highly attentive customer service was in our experience, exceeded upon. For our unique garden casino we selected the Cammegh AR1 wheel for its inert properties and totally stable design."

- Peter Rahr
Casino Director, Les Ambassedeurs

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