Friday 24th January 2020

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PitBoss Ti™

The PitBoss Ti™ (Table Inspector) is an extension of the PitBoss Wheel Analysis System enabling data entry and performance monitoring via a 10" industrial touch screen device by the dealer or Table Inspector, enhancing the analysis content of each roulette table and dealer. As an addition to the PitBoss HQ™ application, PitBoss Ti™ will facilitate the following:

  • Float entry
    • Set Float value
    • Enter updated Float value
    • View previous Float values
  • Game Status
    • Show winning number history
    • Show current dealer name
    • Show game status, including wheel direction & speed
  • Drop entry
    • Enter Drop value
    • View previous Drop values
  • Bet Calculator
    • Calculate inside & outside bets
    • Available for both '0' & '00' configuration
  • Settings
    • Set table name
    • Set dealer name
    • Eyeball Calibration
Game status
Game Status
Drop entry
Drop entry
Bet calculator
Bet calculator

All data entered into the PitBoss Ti™ system can also be cross-referenced with other data captured by the PitBoss HQ™ application. For example, Drop entries can be cross referenced with time of the Speed of rotor, Time of the event, Dealer name etc.

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